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Wood of Gallignano

The wood of Gallignano is a deciduous wood of about 5 hectares at the bottom of the centre of Gallignano di Ancona. The wood, part of the botanical garden of the University of Ancona, is a protected faunal area and particularly interesting botanical vegetation emergency; since 1998, it has been used as a faunal-venatorial oasis. There are all the premises so that, in a short time, it may become a sort of reference point for the repopulation of the vegetal and animal species of Ancona and nearby and for the study and the preservation of the biodiversity. It is in fact possible to meet carnivorous animals such as the fox, the badger, the weasel and the beech-marten, rodents and micro-mammals such as the common shrew, the fieldmouse and the ground voles, night birds of prey such as the barn owl, the tawny owl, the owlet and the horned owl and diurnal birds of prey as the kestrel and the buzzard. (Botanical garden of the University of Ancona).


Orto botanico dell'universitÓ di Ancona Italia Nostra via Mamiani 7/g phone: 07156307 fax: 07156307



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