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Comune di Sassoferrato


The current little town of Sassoferrato stands on a rise not so far from the ruins of the Umbro-Roman town of Sentinum, of which it is possible to see the monumental ruins and numerous findings in the archaeological museum of Sassoferrato. It is situated near Umbria, on the umbro-marchigiano Appenine, by the mounts Catria, Strega and Cucco. The territory is crossed by the Sentino river, that in the town receives as affluents the streams Sanguerone and Marena. The urban plant is composed of two parts: at the top the castle, at the bottom the village. By the castle there is still, demolished in the upper part, the imposing Fortress, built by Egidio Albornoz in 1365.


Comune di Sassoferrato piazza Matteotti phone: 07329561 fax: 0732956234

Ufficio turistico piazza Matteotti phone: 07329561



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